How do you forget how bad someone made you feel?

Only give serious advice that can actually HELP. But I currently feel like it’s impossible to forget how unloveable someone I loved made me feel. It was my first relationship so I saw signs that it was going bad, but I didn’t know what the signs meant due to lack of relationship experience. For example, he told me “your too good for me” which I didn’t understand was meant to soften the blow of him not being interested the way he had claimed to be. He wasn’t adverse to exchanging “I love you’s” with me even though I would ONLy say it if I 100% meant it. He push me away so much but when I made a move to leave he asked for me to get back with him and then he just left out of the blue with no explanation. He took my virginity and received my love but he just never appreciated it. He made me feel so many mixed emotions, like I felt loved but I had my doubts. So when he finally just disappeared for good it was the biggest disappointment I have ever felt because I just never thought he would do something so coldhearted to me. I wanted to ask him what made him think I deserved to be treated that way? But I never got the chance to talk to him about my feelings so they just stayed with me- feeling unworthy, unlikeable, disposable, unvalued, and feeling stupid. These feelings follow me around because I was basically confident in myself until I met him and experienced being treated like that. It made me feel like loving someone was pointless and like all of that happened because I’m not relationship material or something. But, I do want to finally let go of these feelings and experience that feeling of worth and self confidence that I used to feel. Life is just very different for me now because I’m dealing with these very stressful emotions. I understand that there is a lesson in every failed relationship, but I think the lessons were not worth losing my sense of belonging or my perceived value in the world. How do I forget these feelings?
How do you forget how bad someone made you feel?
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