Do you think my ex will come back?

My ex ended things with me over something that could of been easily solved. I worded something wrong and he got hurt and i've apologized.. He played with my emotions for a couple weeks. During one of our conversation he asked me hypothetical about taking a break and said it wasn't going to happen. Long story short he ended things. At first he said we can be friends and he said he would leave it up to me to be friends/social media. I changed my status and profile pics and he did the same thing after me but kept a picture of us two on his social media. He ended up blocking me on social media and told me it would be temporarily for him to get over the "pain" then he blocked me on where we were texting after i said i was going to delete/block. I did noticed he was on a dating app and used my pic i took of him and you could still see my jacket and a part of my hair in this picture.
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Do you think my ex will come back?
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