Divorce on the way but still hooking up with him?

Guys when you've been married for more than 14 years and you tell your wife you want to separate because your feeling confused about the marriage what does that mean? also he works out of town, And the Divorce was planned by him for if one of us wants to get Married with some other person we were to divorce because we have kids together and child support was going to be an issue since we have 5 kids and he only works and he didn't want to mess up his credit so he could get a house elsewhere. I filed for divorce cause to me it just sounds like he has someone else but he says he doesn't. What do you guys think?
11 mo
He moved almost 2 weeks ago to another State for a job won't be coming down here unless its signing the papers, he won't admit any wrong doing. But actions speak louder then words and I was a fool to still believe in him. The divorce papers are still being processed. And I have my kids with me to take care of and love them. With God's help we will overcome this.
Divorce on the way but still hooking up with him?
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