His wife now knows he's having an affair. Why hadn't she confronted him?

I'm in a 4 year full blown relationship with a married man.
I know everything about him, his finances, his kids, everything. Right now his businesses are struggling from covid.
He has 2 kids, 13 and 14. He told me his marriage is more like a business agreement.

About 2 months ago his wife posted a pin on pintrest that she is aware of our affair. Her quotes stated she's healing but the damage is done. That the disrespect is about him, not on her.
That unrevealed emotions will come out in uglier ways. Etc.

I responded with a post of the forever love symbol and a quote sharing is caring. because frankly, I don't give a shit at this point. She then posted her kids boards right on top. Either to tell me she's staying for the kids or asking me to walk away. I don't know.

She hasn't mentioned a word to him. And neither have I. I mentioned about some posts but it's as if he can't face it.
I only said a few times to watch his ass financially because she knows. He doesn't reply he just stares.

I could never know something like that and not confront my husband immediately. I'd go insane knowing what he's doing and letting him keep doing it.

I'm wondering if her keeping it hush hush is because she's planning for later. When it's better financially to leave. He's about to sell a big property this year or next.

Or she's just submissive and scared.
I just don't get it. So I await a big blowout one day because I don't see how anyone can live like that.

Any thoughts as to why she has not confronted him? Oh she's Indian but has been in America 20 years.
10 mo
He left her! He moved into his friends house until he figures out what he is going to do!!!
His wife now knows he's having an affair. Why hadn't she confronted him?
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