Thoughts on my breakup?

So we have been in no contact for nearly 2 weeks

The first 8 months were great! Seemed like nothing was an issue at all.

She invested a lot in my life. Planned family events, cottage trips, and all that.

Last few weeks, I started to feel her distancing herself from me. She was constantly on her phone whenever I see her once or twice a week, Leaves my house early, and stuff

She contacted me one day and came over. She asked for space but still wanted to be with me. She told me she feels overwhelmed. She feels that like she is struggling to communicate with me because she is too scared to tell me.

A few days go by and she messages me a few times.

Then I message her telling her that I want this relationship over. I told her this isn't a relationship if she wasn't able to be open and honest with me and to hold it back and bring it up when she gets overwhelmed. She didn't try to fight for it.

I asked her if she still wanted me in her life. And she replied " I don't know" so I just m ended it and said we are done. I want a relationship where someone wants me in their life and is willing to work through things

I told her I wish her all the best in life. I told her I wish she can find her happiness with or without me and she deserves the best.

I made her laugh quite a bit before I went back home.

I told her if she changes her mind to give me a call.

I haven't spoken to her in a week and a half.

What are your thoughts?
Thoughts on my breakup?
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