Why did my ex block my bro?

My ex was trying to talk to me from last month nd when I finally replied him. A week ago he was talking too nicely nd was asking about my love life nd whether I miss him or not. then suddenly he started talking about sane past things nd was blaming me for everything. i didn't argue back nd patiently took all the blame si that he can live in peace nd let me live in peace too though I still love him dearly. i dont know whether he has a girlfriend or not but he said he has but yet he was texting me asking me about my life nd my feelings. once I took blame on me he said he is happy that I accepted my mistake (though breakup was his fault but he thinks it Is mine). so i bid him gudbye nd he too did the same. Next day was our relationship anniversary. I thought I should peacefully finish this relation so that he would no longer get disturb again nd again. his birthday is also coming. yesterday was our frst relationship anniversary. I wished him nd thanked him to make me better person nd wished him gudluck nd for the last tym I told him how much I love him nd wished him hppy life nd without waiting about his answer I blocked him as I was afraid that his ignorance will hurt me more. today my bro vowed his story of his niece's brday nd my bro wished him hppy brday. he seen the message but didn't reply nd then after an hour he suddenly blocked my bro but didn't block me back when I blocked him. why he suddey blocked him but didn't block me.
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My bro viewed the story about his niece birthday nd wished for her a happy birthday on wtsapp*
Why did my ex block my bro?
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