If he broke my heart, why do I miss him?

He broke my heart in the kindest, gentlest way possible. We weren’t together very long, yet I still miss him even after not talking to him for a few days. This emotion is so unbearable! I can’t stop thinking about how he is, what he is doing, if he misses me, if he regrets ending it. When will this feeling go away? I can’t get hurt again. I feel like I have to see him. I can’t move on right now. I am trying my very hardest to focus on myself, but it is challenging. I try to hang out with my friends, but thoughts still slip my mind. I know that time will help me heal, but this time feel like eternity. I am impatiently waiting for the day that I see him as a friend, and my love for him isn’t love. Any advice?
If he broke my heart, why do I miss him?
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