Who would you miss more?

Girl A: You’ve lived with her for the last 7 months, you have a good relationship with her little boy, have been a family for the last 7 months, she makes you dinner, you do things as a family etc. But you argue a lot, she’s cold and distant when you’re not with her, she’s fucking with your head, doesn’t want the same things as you & doesn’t know if she wants to be with you again. Have been split up with her for 5 months.

Girl B: She’s always been there for you through thick and thin, even when you most probably didn’t deserve it. She cares for you a lot, makes sure you’re sleeping and eating properly. Supports your goals in life’s and just wants you to be happy. You can communicate well with her and there’s hardly ever any drama or arguments. You feel like she could never upset you. She tries and helps you live a better life by buying you self help books etc. And can tell she genuinely wants the best for you. You can tell her anything. She makes sure your relationship with your family is good & she always tries and helps you when you’re stuck in your depression.
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Who would you miss more?
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