How to get over your boyfriend falling for someone else?

My (now ex) boyfriend of 10 months came out as bi to me a few days ago which I promised to support him and still will. However I can’t get over how bad it hurts as we ended things as he wanted to be sexual with a man to see how he felt, and the next day after we broke up he was getting his dick sucked by a guy who he just met. I feel hurt and it’s like, was something wrong with me? for him to just fall out of love with me, as before he was always saying how he wanted to marry me, buy house, kids etc and now it’s all gone. But then he says he doesn’t want me with another guy and he wants us to both lose our virginity to each other still but then he tells me he wants to get to know the guy who he got sexual with the day after we broke up. I just feel like I’m getting mixed signals all around and now he’s told the guy who he saw that he’s not gonna speak to him anymore so that I don’t get hurt but now he says that he is upset and hurt and doesn’t know if he regrets saying it. Like I actually have no idea what to do so if you’ve read this then thank you
How to get over your boyfriend falling for someone else?
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