Is he interested again or just messing around?

My ex of 2 years and I broke up 3 months ago, he started contacting me few times and we begin to be in contact again and our first phone call since the breakup was yesterday and we stayed on the phone for 2 hours just talking and laughing like old days.
he asked if I hated him or not and if I posted my last Instagram post to make him jealous, I said no why would I make you jealous now after all these months.
My friend told me a week ago that he requested to meet with a mutual friend and told her how much he misses me and that he is feeling down and keeps asking about me if I look happy or sad.
Anyways today he sent me a song and changed his profile picture to a picture I took of him and it was my fave pic as I have put it as a caller ID photo for him when we're together.
Does that mean anything? I love him but I don't want to bring up the past and be a victim as it's not attractive at all and want to start fresh.
What should I do?
Is he interested again or just messing around?
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