Ex is confusing me? What should I do?

Very long story short, we broke up because he still had feelings for his ex he was with for 3 years right before me and he thinks I don’t know they messed around at the end of us in early January.

We went through a 4 month period of no contact that I initiated because he treated me horribly. He rentered my life in June to be friends since he “trusts me so much” <- his words. The feeling isn’t mutual though.

Now, it’s almost a year later since we first met (next month) and he now initiates all contact and asks me to hang out. This is how the situation has played out the past two weekends:

When We Hang Out During the Day
  • He’s constantly telling me about all the girls he’s dating, literally the first thing that comes out of his mouth instead of “how are you?”
  • He asks me who I’ve been seeing and all the details.
  • He tells me that he wants me to set me up with his friend.
  • He tells me he wants a girlfriend and how he wants to find “the one”
When We Hang Out At Night (sometimes involves alcohol)
  • He asks to sleep in my bed and cuddles me all night
  • He holds my hand, kisses me all over, and lays on me
  • He give me long, tight hugs or playful ones where he lifts me up
  • He pries and asks about my feelings toward him, but I’m smart enough not to fall for it because I don’t wanna boost his huge ego
He told me I’m not the one for him, which I’ve accepted, but I have a feeling he’s using me as a safety net. I’m sure if he found the girl of his dreams tomorrow, he would drop the bullshit “friendship” that he begged me for, for those 4 months.

I really do think he makes a decent friend, but as of right now, I’m tempted to tell him I’m in a relationship with one of the guys I discussed with him going forward, so he can’t make any moves on me because it confuses me so much. Or should I just cut off contact completely? Thoughts?
Ex is confusing me? What should I do?
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