Is it wrong I want to be single for a bit?

Hi 👋! My ex-fiancé and I (been with him for four years) just recently broken up like 4 days ago. (He’s 22 and I’m 20). We broke up because I didn’t want to get married or have kids anymore (so soon). Also that I sadly grew apart, I don’t love him romantically anymore. It hurts to feel this way because I love him dearly. However, he did become slightly controlling like having my debit card. And then every time I see him all we do is argue about something. He even didn’t support my college. He says he does but at times he bad mouths it. He contacted saying that he wants me back, even if we were just dating, back at square one. I honestly feel like I want to stay single. I don’t really want any sort of relationship with anyone. Kind of want to focus on my classes and grow as an adult. Is it wrong of me wanting to stay single?
Is it wrong I want to be single for a bit?
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