She broke up with me. We both cried. She blocked me and unblocked me 12 hrs later. Still ignoring me. Why?

So my ex girlfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago. We were dating for 10 months - knew each other for a year (dates and all).
she broke up with me after a giant fight (we had been fighting on and off for a couple months.) and wanted to say goodbye in person.
we both cried. We were both devastated. She cried on the phone with me a few times and then she put her foot down and said we are not getting back together ever.
I never showed any affection to her which I regret deeply. Now all I want to do is that!
i constantly pushed her to talk, text, etc. she asked for space - I didn’t give it. She said please stop texting me. Didn’t do it. One night I said I was in a bad mental place, for her to call me. She couldn’t.
so we argued on text about how it feels like I mean nothing, etc. she blocked me after. Well 12 hours later my message said delivered. So I sent her an apology text. Nothing. Yesterday I decided to show her I have Changed and brought her flowers, her favorite chocolate and a letter describing everything I’ve been thinking asking for just a chance to talk. I sent her a text saying “i left something important in your mailbox, just letting you know”

this was over 12 hours ago. I’ve gotten no response. Nothing. She claims “I’ve moved on” several times but slipped up and said “I’m trying to move on”. She didn’t block my social media, and her TikTok - literally posts friends only (I’m one of 10). She hasn’t posted for a few months on there. But once we break up, she’s singing “electric love” in the dark with a sad song. Then a few days later, 3 videos of her trying to twerk where she’s deadass wearing makeup.

she said she still cares about me, but at this point I think she’s playing fucking games. Or is scared to get hurt by me again. I just don’t know what to do. I’ve decided to stop all attempts of communication. I’ve downloaded tinder again to try to move on via casual sex.
unless someone here has an idea of what I can do? Or why she is acting like this?
23 d
She did also say she “lost feelings for me” entirely. But her actions don’t justify that. She’s literally so conflicting. SHE EVEN TOLD ME THAT SHE WAS CONSIDERING GETTING BACK WITH ME BUT THAT SHE didn't WANT TO!!!
She’s playing fucking games and it’s tearing me inside and out.
She broke up with me. We both cried. She blocked me and unblocked me 12 hrs later. Still ignoring me. Why?
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