👀🤔🤷‍♀️ I'm a little confused?

So my friends with benefits and I have talk in a while, and the last time we did talk, it was August the 12th. We left on good terms, and I was able to talk with some psychic's. The He first one, pretty much told me that he used me to get back @ his ex girlfriend and apparently they are talking again. Then the other psychic said that he was speaking with some-one knew. Then the last one mentioned to me, how he is going through his emotions and processing his feelings. But, all (3) mentioned that he will be back around. Okay, I guess. But anyways, I messaged him from another number, early this morning, pretending to be someone else. He says that he knew who I was, but come to find out: he didn't. He thinks that I am some other girl, and he was like. Oh my numbers won't saved. I know who this is now 😍. I miss you 2. It shows that this guy talks to multiple women. Smh. But my question is, if he's been so call busy and working and says thAt he hasn't been getting any play or don't have a girlfriend. And if him and I ended on good terms- then why hasn't he reached out to me. Usually he would have by now. And it's already September the 2nd. Like, I know we didn't get into any fights or heated arguments and I definitely didn't say anything wrong. So, why is he being so cold and distance like to me?

👀🤔🤷‍♀️ I'm a little confused?
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