How am I supposed to forget him?

Going through I guess you can call a breakup... we were never official. This guy came into my life and blew me away, I never met someone like him... even my ex of 6 years didn't compare to him. There was something about him I never felt or seen before.

We ended things once because he has commit issues we talked about it before during pillow talk. He does work in the coast guard so moves around a lot. Any talk about feelings he pressed the breaks, so I always treaded lightly out of fear I'd make him uncomfortable.

So flash foward to now. We've been off and on with communication. We met up had dinner and sex... God just being with him his intoxicating. I could sit and talk with him for hours... again he's different. I could go in to detail about my ex, but things never felt this way with my ex.

Recently I admitted I cared for him, cause well I do. He took it like I proposed to him. He admitted that he didn't see a future for us cause he wasn't ready😐
I just wanted to tell him I cared about him. It has been 8 months since we met, so it's not like I met him last week. Who doesn't want to know someone cares about them? especially in today's world.

I just don't know where to go from here... my heart is still his. Everyone was the same until I met him, he set the bar high, and I desperately wish things were different with him. I don't want anyone else.
I was single 2 years before I met him.

I'm 28 and he's 27 soon to be 28.
How am I supposed to forget him?
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