Why did my boyfriend breakup with no explanation?

My boyfriend and I have been together for two years. Throughout our relationship we have been through a lot and overcame hardships. We love eachother a lot and we always stuck together. We are from separate countries, but we study in my home country. Six months ago he went back to his home country due to corona. Throughout those six months we did have arguments but we overcame them. He acted a bit different but I let some things go because I wanted to be more mature in a way. We did long distance for almost 6 months and he never came back to visit me. Now that our school is starting he obviously had to come back. A week before he was supposed to come we had a stupid argument over an Instagram post. We didn’t talk for two days after that. After two days I reached out to him but he was very cold and said he was busy. I waited another day and reached out again asking if he was done with the relationship. He didn’t respond immediately, I had to ask him two times to which he replied “I don’t think I want anything”. After this I decided to end all communication and didn’t text him at all. It’s been a week since we broke up, he has come back now and has not texted me. Why after two years would he break up over text and with zero explanation? During the week where we were broken up he did some “games” to test and get a reaction out of me, to which I never did. I feel played and betrayed because I am left confused and sad. Any advice? Will he come back? And does he regret the decision?
Why did my boyfriend breakup with no explanation?
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