Does he deserve to be my friend after he dumped me?

We are both in our early twenties (4 year age gap). After 2 months of dating (10 dates) and being intimate with one another, he realized that we can’t be in a serious relationship because he had a problem with the age gap and the fact that I am still in college while he has a stable career. He was a sweet, funny, charismatic guy who, in the end, didn’t want to hurt me and made that very clear. Closer to the end of our relationship I feel like he started only seeing me for my body, rather than getting to know who I really am. When he broke up he said that he wished we could still be intimate with me, but knows that wouldn’t be good for my emotional state. He made it clear form the very beginning that he wanted a serious relationship not FWB—so I was a bit confused. He said that he still wanted to see me but understood if I didn’t want to see him. Told him I would still want to see him, but as friends and absolutely nothing more than that.

After he broke up with me, I told him that I needed to initiate no contact for a few weeks and that I would contact him once I felt comfortable talking to him. It’s been about 2.5 weeks no contact.

My question is, does this guy deserve to be my friend? Why/why not?
Does he deserve to be my friend after he dumped me?
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