Who was your first heart brake?

I know i may seem young but i have had my heart broken once before.

Long story short, he ditched me to get drunk with his friends at a party and tried to have sex with another girl when hed made plans with me. Leaving me in the middle of a big city till 1am and when my mum picked me up i cried the whole way home.

Then the next time he got drunk and threw up on my new shoes and said he'd rather have his right hand over me. Then denied it ever happened.

I finally snapped when he let very high sack of chairs fall on top of me and when i asked for his help he told me to fuck off and carried on having a cigarette with his friends after he promised me he'd quit.
He saw i was hurt and just walked by and said he didn't care.

He was the first person id ever loved and when i first met him he's was the sweetest boy id ever met but he was trying way to hard to impress the wrong crowd and let people who genuinely liked him for him down with the person he now pretends to be to convince himself he's one of the lads. The sweet, kind, funny, caring boy i once knew feels like he's died to me now and he's someone completely different.

Luckily i moved on and found the love of my life after this relationship.
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Who was your first heart brake?
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