Can I break No Contact now?

I’m 20 yo female. He is a 25 yo male.

This guy was something else. We met online, started dating, really REALLY liked each other, shared that chemistry. We went on 4 dates in a row! Had sex (first time with a guy). Both wanted to take it slow in hopes of getting into a serious relationship. We dated for a little over 2 months.

He expressed that he couldn’t see himself in a serious relationship with me due to the age gap (he expressed his hesitancy early on). He told me that he wanted to stay friends but understood if I didn’t want to. This guy brought so much joy and laughs to my life. We both felt so comfortable talking to each other. On our first date... I danced in front of him.. I never dance in front of strangers. Anyways, point is that we were really into each other but set in for him. He was very honest and broke it off with me after I sensed something and asked if he still liked me. He told me he rather break it off early than later because he doesn’t want to hurt me.

I told him I still wanted to be friends with him and do stuff, as friends. Shortly after, I knew that I needed to go No Contact to process my emotions. I also told him that I would be the one to contact him once I felt ready. It’s been 3 weeks No Contact.

Should I brake no contact? Should I have a plan? Boundaries? I don’t want to keep talking to my friends about this shit... it’s annoying because I can make the decision by myself but I don’t have any direction. This guy was my first everything. I don’t believe in cutting ties and going my separate way. Please any insight will help. Thank you so much.
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Can I break No Contact now?
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