I think he's trying to make me feel the crazy one?

Hi there. I've been in this LDR with this guy for already 8 months, we've seen each other some days although now we have trouble due to the coronavirus travelling restrictions and stuff. However, recently I've spoken up about the fact that he's spending less and less time on phone or texting me. That I miss him. We were very close during the quarantine and even after it. He told me we just have to speak to each other when we have time and can focus, not for the sake of it. I just agreed, and stopped the conversation, but just because I found it useless to argue again on the same topic. I need communication and feeling close to him, while he finds it easier to go on through days without texting me, or just sending me one sentence per day. I'm thinking of just moving on and try to find someone closer and who really cares about me. Would you do the same in my situation? Am I being to egoistical?
I think he's trying to make me feel the crazy one?
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