He (my ex) blocked me?

My ex and I were on a temporary break so that we can both focus on our individual goals, no dating till they are complete.
I had gotten to a car accident a day before my birthday. He was there with me at the hospital and everything. On my birthday, I had gotten his call wishing me a happy birthday and how he had PLANNED for us to celebrate but I was too sore to do so. Month later, I haven’t gotten the chance to celebrate with him like he said he would.
On Facetime he told me his plans to the beach with his motorcycle club. I said I hope you enjoy the trip, but lowkey I did get a little JEALOUS. I confronted him. My Ex said “okay let’s go...” I was like “no, don’t tell me, now it’s looking like I’m forcing you to do something and if u wanted to do it, it would be done” He barely responded. 2 days later we chilled. I confronted him again. I told him how it made me feel like He never intended to do anything, and I been waiting to see if he would keep his word so I asked him just please keep your word. All he said was “ok ok ok” to everything I said, no apology & dismissive manner. So I texted him like “I dont appreciate how dismissive you were towards me, it made me feel as if you don’t care about how I expressed the situation to you. I did something for your birthday and for you to have done nothing for mine is unfair to me especially since you told me you had plans and didn’t keep your word. If i have to ask I feel like maybe I’m asking the wrong person. But if you gonna treat me like this then let me go because Im not gonna just sit here like what just happened was ok” and he said “ I never said I would keep my word, I said i would TRY because what happened to you being in a car accident before your birthday was messed up” then I’m blocked.

i fell like tells he only told me his plans because I had gotten into a car accident. If I have not been in an accident, he wasn’t going to TRY to do anything at all? Why block me?
He (my ex) blocked me?
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