Is this relationship worth saving?

Our relationship ended in August 1st 2020. The past few months before that he was being detached & sneaky with his phone. His excuse was, his mom was dying of cancer he felt lonely & confused. He worked from 2pm-10 came home & became cold to me when all I wanted was to spend time together. Our gym & coffee routine ended he started going alone.

My family & I have tried to help him with self harm & anxiety he never seeked help. One day we reconnected romantically then the same night I found out he was looking for a new place to move without me & was talking to other girls at work. He said he wasn't going to move there but changed his mind after I looked through his phone.

For the 5 1/2 years we were together I never looked until that night. He always had access to mine he knew all of my passwords I had nothing to hide. He used to be the same way then became more secretive. After his mom passed in July he pushed me away even further even after I helped him with his mom.

We talked about getting married in the future before this summer & now he's like a stranger. He changed his Facebook completely (relationship status, cover photo & removed the photo of us on his featured) but kept every single photo of us up even the ones I tagged him in which he can easily untag himself in. I don't understand his actions please help.
Is this relationship worth saving?
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