Girlfriend dumped me for talking to much with my ex and not having my sht together?

I (27) left my girlfriend (22) of 2 years for another girl (20). I found in her everything I wanted. Now this new girl dumped me after 9 months dating. Her reasons are absolutely valid. I became nostalgic of my ex in April and felt very guilty since December for dumping my ex. I wanted to mend things out. I even considered going back to her. Please don't judge me, this has been hard on me. It took a toll on me emotionally. In June I mended things with my ex and started talking a lot and my girlfriend became jealous and insecure, and who wouldn't? Me and my girlfriend had a lot of affinity and sexual chemistry. This last three months were hard for both and we ended things and made up with sex a couple of times. On July I ended it, then in August she ended it. I wanted to talk it out and she wouldn't have it, but we had sex and stayed together another month. On the 11th of this month she ended it again for good. I went to her home to talk it out and she came out and listened. She says she doesn't believe in me or has interest in the relationship going on. She invited me in to get something to eat, and then put Netflix on. I got physical with kisses on her neck. She pulled out her phone and got nostalgic looking at all our old photos. We had sex, we cuddled and kissed. She wouldn't let me away from her. She had me sleep over. Then we woke up to more cuddling and sex, she made me some coffee and treated me real nice, like she always does. I said goodbye and that was it. I'm still blocked on her what'sapp and hasn't contacted me in a week. Is there a way of fixing things with her? I just started seeing the psychologist, taking dance and piano lessons I wanted for so long. I'm working on my shortcomings and ending the friendship with my ex because I also believe she may want something romantic that just won't happen. Not fair for anyone. I don't want shortcuts. I want to fix things the right way.
Girlfriend dumped me for talking to much with my ex and not having my sht together?
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