I had my first break up. How do I get over it now?

Dated a guy for about 2 months. He (24M) was the first guy I (19 F) have ever dated, kissed, held hands with, had sex with, etc,... He broke up with me because he realized that he was looking for something else relationship-wise with someone who has a bit more life experience. We did have chemistry from the very beginning of our conversations. He said that, after I’m done with college, he will still be around. Nonetheless, our feelings we had for one another were legitimate and genuine... but he just couldn’t seem to picture us together.

The now:
I feel really hurt right now. It’s been about 1.5 months since we spoke. I feel like I cannot trust people the same way. I have been on one other date with a different guy and the whole time I felt miserable. I couldn’t stop thinking about the guy I dated previously. I’m trying to move on by dating other people, but I feel hopeless.

I want to escape these stupid depressing emotions that come and go and hit me when I least expected it. The thing is, I truly believed that this guy was “the one” because he convinced me of it. I thought that he thought of me in a similar manner, guess not. Everything was going so good, but then it came to an abrupt stop.

My coping mechanisms:
I have talked to family, friends, my therapist, and strangers about how I am feeling. They have comforted me. I have indulged myself in reading new books, listening to podcasts, exploring new music genres, going outside more, hanging out with my friends... but subconsciously, I still hold him in my head. I still think about him a lot and it’s messing with my mental health.

How do I move on? This was my first relationship and I feel like the good memories were taken from me when he decided to end things out of the blue. Again, I really liked this guy. I don’t think I could ever trust someone like that again because now I feel like shit for letting my guard down.
I had my first break up. How do I get over it now?
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