They moved on before I did, so how should so take it lol?

So, I had a friends with benefits for about 7 years on and off. But things has changed between the two, but I came to a conclusion and picked up another females presents. Someone that has always been in his life, and plus I got some Clarity from a psychic about him and his behavior. YES and why would I believe a psychic. They just want the -$$$- but, that same information that my intuitions antennas was speaking to me, they also provided the same information. Btws, so I come to found out that he did like me, @ one point and a few times back then. But he has already made connections with someone else, and nothing is wrong with that. But how do I feel about him FUCKING another woman. Um I can't say shit, he was never really my man. But it's like: damn. He already moved on, so WTF haven't I. He doesn't have no desires for me, and I don't need to pay for a psychic to tell me this, just his energy says it all. Sure, if I offered sex to him, he wouldn't turn it down. But I'm never sleeping with him again. Sure we have been at this thing for awhile. And I should be happy and have some relieved about the information I found out. But I don't know how I should really feel. Knowing that he actually got the balls to fucking just leave and move on. Ugh. My fucking brain hurts as I am typing this lol. But how would you guys feel knowing that someone that you love and care about is done and moved on?
They moved on before I did, so how should so take it lol?
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