Will old feelings resurface when I see him again?

Me and my ex were friends for a long time, we always liked each other but neither of us did anything about it/ would admit it. This went on for years, until we both finally professed our feelings and were finally together. We broke up nearly 2 months ago but not because either had done anything wrong or the feelings weren’t there etc. It was a case of very bad timing and some serious things for both of us to work out emotionally. We parted on good terms and have had no contact since because it’s too hard. I've only had one drunken message session from him, but we didn’t speak after that. I haven’t seen him since either, what with lockdown/ working from home etc.

At the minute, I think about him a lot and I know I miss him. But I feel kind of okay and I’m slowly making peace about the situation because I knew it had to be done. I’m worried that the reason I feel okay, is because I haven’t seen him or spoken to him. Is it likely, that if/ when I do see him that my feelings will flood back? Has that happened to anyone?
Will old feelings resurface when I see him again?
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