Why is my ex mad at me?

Timeline of events:

- I dumped him due to feeling taking for granted & alone. It ended on good terms & mutual (so i thought)
- 2 weeks later of NC he reaches out and asks if I’m ok. Tell him we shouldn’t talk rn. He blocks me on WhatsApp
- I then text him no answer, then FB him asking why - we then get into an argument due to him being mad for some reason & he tries to make me jealous by saying he’s now dating. He blocks me on fb.
- argument then carries on, on insta. Next day I send a voice note on insta apologising and explaining this isn’t easy for me & that 2 weeks just isn’t long enough to heal etc. He then starts another argument.
- Arguments gets real ugly and hurtful things are said. He blocks me on insta. I email him asking for my things back he replies saying he doesn’t have them.
- hours later he texts me from my message days ago.
- A day or two later he unblocks me from everything & adds my contact again.
- I send him a sorry card to apologise for what I said.
- a week later I message him asking if he’s received it and he’s still cold but he hasn’t. When he finds out I’ve sent him it he warms up a bit.

My question is why is he so angry at me? I’ve never done anything wrong to him - quite the opposite tbf. He acts like he doesn’t care & is cold. But yet still replies/messages me and unblocks me days later. Confused if he still wants me in his life or not.
Why is my ex mad at me?
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