Why am I having such a hard time accepting his rejection?

I dated a guy for a few weeks and everything was going FANTASTIC. Seriously, I’ve never shared such a connection with someone before. He was my first intimate partner (first time having sex), first kiss, etc... He broke it off with me and kept telling me that he feels so bad about it. He broke it off with me because he said that I am too young for him. Not getting into specifics. We haven’t spoken to each other in a few months YET I still feel so hurt by it all. Why can’t I accept that he is looking for something else with someone else? I keep blaming myself for what could have gone wrong because the age thing (most likely) was a way-out/excuse. I almost wonder if he is regretting his decision, if he even felt the same emotions as I had when we were “dating”. I am driving myself to put insanity! I am struggling to accept his rejection even after 2 months of No Contact. I thought that everything was going in the right direction. Our personalities were almost perfect—at least from a superficial standpoint. Why can’t I accept this? Why am I driving myself insane? Any pieces of advice would be much appreciated :)
Why am I having such a hard time accepting his rejection?
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