How do you move on?

Its been months since i met her and actually talk to her, yet i just can't get over her. She told me she loves me and would do everything just to be with me. And i said the same, weeks pass by and now im blocked by her. I can't text her or see her. I needed to make an alt acc to see her in Facebook.

I saw a post, about her love... But it wasn't me, since then i keep getting nightmares that i forget the context of it, i just remember her whenever i wake up. Im just really sad that she left me. But no matter how many times i try to move on, or how much i ask for help. I just can't, i want her to be with me. I scream and sing sad songs just because its the only way to show how much it hurts me. But i can't move on.

If you have a way or an idea to move on please do. I already know she doesn't want me anymore, just give me an idea.
How do you move on?
How do you move on?
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