Saying the first "I love you" after a breakup?

me and this girl were perfect together and then seemingly out of nowhere she broke things off to "work on herself" claiming that there's no one else and she likes me but for now we should just be friends, i tried to fight it and tell her how much i care but it just seemed to piss her off, she seems okay with small talk but i feel like im tip toeing, she seems like a good old fashioned girl so im inclined to believe that she's not lying but it all seems so weird bc we talked a lot about our future, i introduced her to family and yea i dunno, shortly before we broke up i wanted to tell her that i loved her but i hesitated, now we've been broken up for a few weeks and im wondering if i should or if it'll just make things worse...
Saying the first "I love you" after a breakup?
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