Please help about forgiveness?

When my girlfriend did terrible things to me, I had to ask her to apologise and was happy when she did. And also asked her to remember how I was setting an example of not needing to be angry and focusing on the future when nothing more can be done to change the past. I would always say we’ll done for apologising. today I used her yoga mattress without ask for exercise I put equipment on there I thought it would be ok or I wouldn’t have done it. For almost 2 hours she wants me to listen to how angry she is at me because that mattress was so important to her she wanted to use it for only for her self it cost 4 euros I already ordered her one that costs 20 euros to show how sorry I am. She says she’ll never forgive me and because of how much I disrespected her and she wants me to pay the price of the mattress back to her which I will. she always destroys me when I make a mistake. when I try to tell her remember the past how I don’t destroy you and I try to be positive and am always so happy when you apologise. But today I cried begging for forgiveness and she says it’s not enough because her day is ruined. And when I try to show her how I treat her when she does something wrong, she says I’m only trying to get revenge by bringing up the past. I feel terrible. Am I doing something wrong? She says I have to sit and listen to her be angry and me and express her self, but she only focusses on the negatives, when she does things to me I really try to be positive and just forgive, but she calls me fake, and that she won’t do that. But I’m genuinely happy when she apologised and feel every time like we move forwards. Am I wrong?
Please help about forgiveness?
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