Should I throw away the letters and remove mutual friends from my ex?

I know this sounds petty and frivolous but for some reason, it matters to me a lot any advice i would appreciate it. My ex had to move away so we changed to a long-distance relationship. The day she moved she wrote me a letter that brought me to tears when i saw it. She wrote me "I never thought I would ever fall in love but then I met you. Lots of times I'm moody or sick but you never stopped loving me and for that, I will love you always. In life, things can't always be easy but if we love each other we will do it for our future. I can't wait to see where our future together will take us and i will be your partner. I love you more than anyone". A month later she broke up with me and blocked me on everything. She refuses to speak with me. I don't feel bad about the breakup anymore but i think about her often every day. My life is moving forward and she has been gone so long and i want to move on once and for all. That letter reminds me of her and how much i love her and makes me so confused so i just want to throw it away yet it hurts me to throw it away, and even if i get rid of it she's still in my memories so i wonder if i can ever truly throw it away anyway. Yet I'm just ready to move on she's gone and ill never see her again. We were introduced by one of her best friends and she knows about the break up i even talked to her about it and one time she even tried to convince her not to break up, but we are still connected on social media. We have not spoken in a long time but whenever i see her I think about my ex and wonder if there is hope, and I just want to finally move on completely because my ex will never be in my life again.
Should I throw away the letters and remove mutual friends from my ex?
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