Should I Respond To My Ex?

I left my Ex a few months ago, and I’m deeply enthralled in a new happy, healthy relationship. I’ve never been loved like this before and have never felt this happy before!

My Ex was the one, when I broke up with him, that stated we shouldn’t talk anymore. I was more than willing to remain friends, I honestly thought we made better friends than boyfriend and girlfriend. After we stopped talking to each other and I started this new relationship, I suddenly realized how fucked up my past relationship actually was. I never realized the little things that were abusive and traumatizing. I didn’t realize how damaged I was from being in that.
Then out of nowhere he texted me saying he wanted me call him back. That he had things he wanted to get off of his chest. Essentially asking to talk so he could say something, I’m assuming for closure on his part. I don’t WANT to talk to him, I don’t want to see him. I don’t want to hear what he has to say. The thought gives me a panic attack. But I feel like that makes me a bad person, especially after I told him I was fine with us remaining friends. Shouldn’t I be the bigger person here and just swallow my fears and anxiety and listen to what he has to say? Why am I so petrified?
My ex was my first and only relationship before, and now he’s my first and only ex.
My boyfriend now said he’ll support whatever decision I come to, but he also said I don’t owe my ex “the mercy of my ears”
What should I do?
Should I Respond To My Ex?
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