Should I get back with my ex or just say F**k it?

my ex and I have been having a rough time as some prior polls have shown, so about a week or two ago we fought about having new people in our lives but wanting to be back together so we BOTH agreed to remove all the new people from our lives and try to work on us so I said a heartfelt tearful goodbye to the one person I was talking to and she was suppose to say goodbye to the three she said she had on Snapchat. The next night I ask her if she got rid of them as I got rid of mine and she said no and so I got her to delete them in front of me so I knew she wasn’t lying, fast forward a couple days I get a gut wrenching feeling after having a nightmare about it so I checked her phone and lone behold she had a guy in her texts and was planning to meet for a date the week after I found this when we both agreed to go on a break so that we could both focus on healing and figuring out what we want so I confront her about it and she gets rid of him but not without a fight where she turns it onto me and calls me psycho, we get through it and go to a nice date at Fort fright and spend the night together like we both use to. Fast forward to today and we are spending all day together, going out to lunch then I see she gets a snap notification so I ask who’s that and she says it’s her female friend blank which it was but while opening snap she hides her screen from me until she clicks on said females name so I pry and ask why she did that until she breaks down and admits that she was talking to four other guys at the same time as the one I found a week ago and just didn’t save their contact info and deleted the chats after seeing them so I couldn’t find them one of which she was going to go on a date with when she told me she was going to go home and nap. I get frustrated and upset and call her out for her micro cheating when she made a big deal about it and told me I just decided to do this just in case you came back from this break and told me you were seeing someone else.
Should I get back with my ex or just say F**k it?
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