Do men feel bad for using an ex for sex?

After I experienced heartbreak I would read articles that would explain how to know if a man use you for sex. But it never sounded quite like what I was going through. I would ask mutual friends and I would always gets mixed answers but aside from myself, every single person who I explained my situation to in FULL DETAIL also agreed that it didn’t have a simple answer because it really did seem like he cared. Me and the man who were sleeping together had history and a lot of intimate and emotional moments. He confided in me and made me a much bigger part of his life than just some girl he was banging. I made the mistake of sleeping with him after I broke up with him because I still wanted to be together and I asked to brush things under the rug. But even when we were broken up, in public I was “his girl.” His parents, friends and siblings (to my knowledge) thought were still together and were not aware that behind closed doors me and him were actually broken up. He would get jealous when other men spoke to me, he listened when I needed him, and I was there when he needed me. And I feel like I had to train myself to see him as this heedless monster who didn’t care about anybody but himself because I needed to create closure for myself. I blamed myself for loving him. I felt so betrayed because yes I was somebody he was sleeping with without a commitment. But I felt owed SOME respect because I felt that through it all he led me on. Not wanting to be with someone shouldn’t mean you treat them as if they are worthless. I guess what really broke me was learning that we have to treat strangers kindly, we have to get along in society, we have to be cordial with our enemies-but when it comes to people who love us we can treat them like trash with no remorse and take no accountability for hurting someone by playing with their feelings. Why do guys hate being seen as dogs but have no empathy for women who get hurt for simply caring about them.
Do men feel bad for using an ex for sex?
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