Will I ever be able to talk to my ex girlfriend again?

In a way I feel so ashamed to feel this way. However after 2 years I miss my ex very much. Not in painful way but in a way kind of like how could such a powerful relationship be gone so fast. How could this person I was so close to be so far. I don’t know if I want to date her again in a way I just wish I could talk to her ask her how she’s doing and settle all the things that went wrong with us. When she broke up she instantly cut me out of her life. We broke up long distance and she told me not to worry about our future she loves me so much and she can’t wait to see me again. Things fizzled out long distance and she blocked me on everything I have literally tried everything and waited so long but I can’t get her to speak to me even. I know deep in my head I really love her and at least at one point she loved me. So I wish even as friends I can just be in her life again given I had no closure I feel so unsure even in engaging with other girls. And I really wish I could have this person in my life again is there any way that she would speak to me.
Will I ever be able to talk to my ex girlfriend again?
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