I spit on my boyfriend am I wrong?

One night I got frustrated and my boyfriend is usually the one who gets everything for me since he’s the one who lives there and I’m the guest. So I got a little hungry and I guess he noticed my irritation. So he turned towards me and said “WHAT? WHAT IS IT? “ with an irritated tone. This made me feel confused. Treatin me like I was some kind of burden on him and I was interrupting his video game. So I didn’t say anything I just got up and put my coat on getting ready to leave. Obviously if I’m hungry I can just feed myself. If I’m interrupting him so badly , I figured I’d just leave and go get what I need. He got up and started bein aggressive. He grabbed my purse and started shoving me around saying SIT TF DOWN U AREN’T GOING ANYWHERE. Snatchin things out of my hand and man handling me. So I managed 2 get my bag back so I could leave but he aggressively snatches it out of my hand while pushin me back. So I hit him in the jaw. I got tired of bein pushed around and hurt. He pushed me into the closet and choked me real hard. Tryin to make my way to the door. He stops me again pushing me on the bed. I try to push him out of the way so I can leave. Then he grabs me again and puts me In a choke hold. He was bending my toes , my fingers , and pulled my arm all the way behind my back. He started to remove my coat and shoes STILL insisting I stay there. At that point I definitely knew I could not stay there after that. But he wasn’t gonna let me leave without more wrestling me. So I SPIT ON HIM. He got so mad and grabbed me by my hair and was just slamming my head on the ground. He pulled out an entire strand of my hair. Then he yelled get the fuck out. I left some things at his house and texted him to get it. He blocked me and refused to talk to me. He said he doesn’t wanna be with me anymore because I spit on him. I love him and wish he wasn’t mad. But he says he’s done with me. He’s acting like Its all my fault. I feel so heart broken I just wanna know Is this my fault?
I spit on my boyfriend am I wrong?
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