Should I drop him after this?

I met a guy when I was trying to join the military we became really close.
Since the beginning though he always brought up his ex and made me talk to her on the phone once. He didn’t admit to having feelings for me until the very end, but before all that, he would send me pictures with other girls, talk about his ex, got with his ex’s twin sister, then got with other girl from work and when she dumped him, is when he said he had feelings for me, after that he started to call me names, the b word and then said he was just joking, he compared me to his ex, lied to me about other girls and things, and said he had goals and I didn’t. He was my first and only one as well. He asked to be in a relationship but I couldn’t trust him after everything he did, so I told
him to give me time. months before he left I told him I wanted to try to be in a relationship. He said it was not the right time bc he was leaving soon and he didn’t know what was going to happen inside the military, but that we would get into a relationship once he knew where he was going to be. He then left for the military and promised me that he wasn’t talking to any of the girls etc I was again always there, trusted him but later found out he had been talking to the other girls he was messing around with while at basic, and went to see one of them. that’s when I got tired and I was too hurt that I decided to cut him off. He didn’t deny or apologize for any of it, after a few months I thought maybe I did wrong, so I reached out. We began talking again, he now left to Korea and is alone and in new territory again. It was his birthday yesterday, I texted him a huge paragraph telling him how much he meant to me. etc, sent him a collage with some of our pictures over the years and wished him a happy birthday in 3 different lang All I got was a “I will read it tomorrow it’s 3 am here” he is been posting stuff but I didn’t get anything back from him. I am just numb at this point should I not reply anymore?
Should I drop him after this?
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