Emotional sickness?

So I’m dating this girl and we’ve dated before but broke and now we are starting brand new. But when we broke up she dated a 32 year old man and she’s only 19 years old and I have no idea what they did together and that creeps me out, and then she dumped him and dated a 17 year old boy that lies, smokes and swears a lot and while they were dating they were saying on social media how much they love each other, and then the boy would text and email me pretending to be her. He would say threatening stuff to me and my ex at the time was supporting him. But then he cheated on her and they broke up and then she asked me if we wanted to date again and start fresh and new and so I said sure. I had a good talk to her about what she did was wrong, irresponsible and immature of her and she agreed with me, when I told her that, she started crying and her voiced changed to sad and ashamed and even her parents didn’t like either person she dated and her and her parents blocked her ex’s both the 37 years old and 17 year old. And she and her parents told me face to face that if she break up with me that her parents will kill her No joke, her mum is dead serious especially with her all the time.

And it gross me out of what she possibly could of done with the 37 year old and 17 year old🤢🤮

I don’t know how to let go of it or what to do? Or how to get past it

please HELP!
Emotional sickness?
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