I messed up. can I start the no contact again?

Recently after about 4 months a guy I was talking to and I decided it might be best to stop talking This decision came after we realised we’re on different pages, he wanted time to think but I didn’t want to wait around. A couple days passed and I hadn’t heard from and I missed him so I texted him and it unfortunately seemed he was going through some personal family stuff and said he was in a bit of a hermit mode and needed to evaluate things. I asked if he wanted to hear from me and if not I’ll leave him alone and delete his number. He said no not really he just needs time and his been poor in replying to everyone. He said it wasn’t me personally he just needs to sort stuff out. But then what confused me was he said he doesn’t mind if we talk just if he didn’t reply straight away don’t come asking questions (which I used to ask why he hasn’t messaged etc) I messaged him and said I think he needs more space we both do. I think I made the absolute wrong decision contacting him.. can I redo no contact?
1 y
Update, he stopped messaging me back so I said he clearly needs more space and deep down I’m just upset we went from talking every day to him can’t standing the fact to have me around anymore.. he didn’t reply
I messed up. can I start the no contact again?
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