Please help me decide what to do?

Just under a month ago my ex tried to add my mom on Facebook. This ex and I have not spoken in 4 years. He didn't like my mom when we lived together but she helped him as best she could by getting him a job and phone and letting him live with us. We had a lot of firsts together and I cannot stop wondering why he reached out to my mom of all people. Mom called me and asked what I wanted and a day later I told her to deny it. In that time frame he deleted and resent the request. He never messaged her or myself though. Should I reach out and ask him what it was about or leave it be? Both myself and my mother are in long term relationships and I don't think he would intentionally try to manipulate me. It was a 3 year relationship that lasted from 15-18 but we met and I originally fell in love with him at 11. He had moved away and as soon as we could we were together. After the breakup at 18 we stayed in and out of contact and hooked up for 6 months when I was 20. Since then there's been no contact and I don't know what to do and cannot stop fixating.
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Please help me decide what to do?
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