Is there anything I can do?

So this guy and I got together March 28th 2019. Around October I stopped talking to him, because things in life got kinda crazy for me. I tried talking to him in December and it didn't work. We started talking in January. Ok, so here's where things get bad... I really love him. He has rules in place like no being around guys unless he's with me, I can't go out without him, No drugs (that's reasonable), No alcohol, I'm not allowed with anyone alone. So, we're really close and we had plans to have kids. Recently I was diagnosed with something so I'm getting surgery on my kidneys. Then I found out I may not be able to get pregnant. As if that's not stressful enough... Last night he thought I was drinking so he texted me "we're done" this made my world shatter. I explained to him what really happened then he said he takes it back and he still wants to be with me and that he loves me. Then he was talking to my friend on MY phone so I saw the messages and he says "Fine I'll stay with her cuz then I'll kill myself if I'm lonely" and he has the AUDACITY to tell her I've cheated on him MULTIPLE times (I haven't but he has quite a few times) I really love him, but I like someone else too. He's asking what he can do to get me back. I feel like I'll be miserable without him, but it's not fair for us to be together. Everyone says get out of this relationship it's toxic and I agree, but I really do love him deep down. What can I do? This is all just stressful to me.
Is there anything I can do?
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