How can I be a stronger person?

I’m a very weak and a super emotional person. If one thing is ruined in my life i stay traumatized. I got into a relationship with a guy and at first i rejected him i told him relationships are not for me you will break my heart and i’m too weak I can’t handle any heart breaks or emotional traumas he stayed with me for four years and now we broke up and like i said i am too sensitive for this which is why i should’ve never dated him i feel so bad just getting up from bed feels like a hard task I can’t so anything. He still talks to me but as a “friend” and i told him to never contact me again i wanna forget he exists but he is so attached but he doesn’t want to be in a relationship he wants me as a friend and he literally said smth like i see you as my mother and i feel comfort with you even tho im younger. Anyhow I can’t cope with life not with a loss of a person for sure.
How can I be a stronger person?
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