I visited my ex boyfriend and he called the cops on me, what should I do?

My ex boyfriend & I broke up 6 months ago. I broke up with him for a few reasons- job instability, issues arising from covid, debt, We have been in contact & he's acted somewhat bipolar after the breakup. He moved to a nearby city, made a bunch of "friends". He lost his most recent engineering job & real estate job. I love him but was worried about a life with him. Just less than 3 weeks ago he told me he loved me & always has. I have been hoping he would get therapy and help.
I visited him once but told him it was a bad idea. This time he asked me to come see him & I did. I wanted to give it an honest shot. He told me ahead of time that he had a football game at 3. I told I'm I didn't want to drive 1 hr just to stay for 2 hours & was upset I couldn't watch football with him and his friends. He said we could play it by ear. I went & we had brunch & walked around the park. We drove back to his apt separately & he txted me " you can come in but its a guys night and I'm getting ready to go". I started crying when I came inside bc he didn't want me to go & I drove all that way.

He ended up saying I could go. The whole time I was uncomfortable & he was standing behind me talking to guys and girls as his friend made convo with me, I think because he felt bad. Next thing I Know, he comes up to me and says he's gonna head to anther bar and he'll be back in a little. I knew no one at the bar we were at. I asked to go with and he said no. I started crying and he was like well I don't know what you want, you come here and I've been trying to get you to for months and now you expect me to drop things. Well bc I cried, he wanted to take me to drive me to my car and make me go home. I lost it bc I couldn't believe he could act like he wanted me back so bad and then do all this. I was crying and he wouldn't listen to me and I started yelling and he told me if I didn't leave him alone he would call the cops. He did and then he got in his Range Rover and drove away with me crying..
I visited my ex boyfriend and he called the cops on me, what should I do?
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