Sorry this is so long?

So me and this guy were talking on and off from 2012-2018, he was very toxic and emotionally abusive (probably because he knew how much I liked him and that I would never leave). In 2018 he randomly unfollowed me on Instagram with no explanation or anything and although I was distraught to the point where I was physically being sick and not eating, I knew it was the best thing he could’ve done for me because I would’ve never had the strength to do it (when I used to unfollow him etc I would be back). For the past two years I have been working so hard on healing from him and studying for my masters. I have been in such a good place mentally and completely moved on. I knew there was no going back for me this time because my confidence, self love and worth is in such a good place compared to two years ago where I would literally cry if I felt like he wasn’t approving me. Last summer I found out he had a baby with another girl and I just wished him the best (within myself, not to him) and I knew for sure there was no going back because I’m only 24 and I always imagined my first child to be my partners first child also. This made me feel better because I knew if I met him today he wouldn’t even match my criteria anymore so he was REALLY done for me. I’m guessing he broke up with his child’s mum because yesterday he tried to follow me again on Instagram (I deleted the request straight away without a second thought). Anyway my question is why come back? After two years of no contact and youve had a whole child after me? Is this common amongst males? It sickens me that at one point I wanted him to be the father of my children.
Sorry this is so long?
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