How to breakup with someone without breaking up?

My boyfriend has a lot on his mind. He has to make a decision to either leave where we are living now, or stay. The decision is based on time and his future.

This being said, the reason that he stayed where we currently live is because he met me. He told me that he now regrets not leaving 2 years ago because he is suffering the consequences now.

I feel like this is partially my fault, although I never asked him to stay for me. I told him that he should go.

As for our relationship, I do not know what will happen if he leaves. He is telling me that he cannot take our relationship into account when making the decision or else it might affect him negatively as it has already. Therefore, he says that he needs to think about himself and his future.

We’ve spent almost 2.5 years in a relationship together. I’m not sure if this is a normal reaction. I would not mind doing long distance, but I do not know if I am willing to move over there because all of my family is here and I’m still in University.

As a result, I would like to give him space just like a breakup would so that he could think clearly about what option best suits him. I would just be disappointed if he forgot me altogether if I would do this.

I know he is stressed, but I am suffering in silence and hurting deeply.

What would you want if you were in his situation? What do you recommend I do?
How to breakup with someone without breaking up?
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