Should I take my baby’s father to court for child support?

Here is the back story. I left my good paying job and moved out of state and currently live in a crappy town in Mississippi where barely any jobs are hiring. I moved down here to be with my baby’s father but we split up for our own reasons. Now I’m stuck here I stay with my mom currently but she doesn’t make much at her job. I finally found a job as a pizza delivery driver. We have a 7 month old and I’m pregnant again because before we broke up he came inside me after I told him not to. And he expected me to get an abortion but I don’t have the heart in me to do it. He also has “moved on” with a girl who harassed me and tried to fight me when I was carrying his first child. And she influences him when it comes to me and him. So now instead of 200 a week for me to buy things for our daughter he is going to give me less so it doesn’t “hurt his paychecks” (he makes up to 1600 a week before taxes). He also said he doesn’t want to share a savings account where we previously planned to save money together for her. Now he wants everything separate. I know she is influencing all his choices because she hates me. I hate how I have to deal with this. Should I just take him to court so I don’t have to deal with him? He also is barely involved with her and she is his last priority when it comes to spending time with her. Any advice?
Should I take my baby’s father to court for child support?
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