I could use some positive opinions or advice?

So my ex dumped me a couple weeks ago and cried the entire time while breaking up with me. He started it by telling me how much he loved me, how much I meant to him and how much he cared and how his whole family cared and just all these wonderful things and then just turned while crying and was like I’m break up with you. I of course got angry at first because I was like... why hug me, why tell me all these great things about how you feel and just break up with me? How do you expect me to want to be your friend after this? Because he did want us to be friends. And not only then but he kept giving me tough love the few times we came in contact after that but for some reason he always made a point to tell me that he still loved me which confused the shit out of me. How am I suppose to cope or move on from that?
I could use some positive opinions or advice?
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