Should I break up with him?

So I recently found out he cheated on me by kissing another girl, my best friend to be exact. He said it was an accident and that it only happened once and regrets doing it, he doesn't like her like that, he only loves me, etc but I don't know anymore

i forgave him because I want to try and work it out but I'm never going to forget what happened

today he called me cause he wanted to see me for a bit but I said no and on the phone he acted normal as if nothing happened and it just made me feel crappy like as if he doesn't feel bad about it anymore or something

i know it was only a kiss, but it still hurts so much

this is the first time I have been cheated on and it sucks

ive been with him for seven months now

and I don't want it to end like this

he says he wants to try and regain my trust, no matter how long it takes

but I feel like its not gonna work

any advice?

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Today I was ready to break up but I decided to stay with him. His feelings of remorse seemed genuine. He also convinced me by giving me this really corny letter he wrote for me.

I gave him a second chance but told him that if he fcked up again, I would leave.
Should I break up with him?
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