Why is my ex lurking?

We broke up earlier this year around January. It was tough for me. The only family I had during our relationship was my grandmother and she passed away in the middle of our relationship. It caused me to become clingy, and if kind of went all downhill from there.

When we broke up, I had a hard time letting go. Because I didn’t have anyone left. He made it a huge deal to completely cut me out of his life and insulted me and said he hasn’t loved me for months, etc. he blocked me on every social media platform, blocked my number, etc. We do have a son together that he’s never met. I’ve sent him messages offering him chances to meet him but theyve been ignored and I stopped trying in May. He’s avoided child support by not working.

Anyway. I posted a photo of myself (full body mirror photo) on Snapchat and he viewed it even tho we’re not friends on Snapchat. I’m just confused. He made a big deal about cutting me out of his life and now he’s trying to see photos of me?
Why is my ex lurking?
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